CTSI's Loss Prevention

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CTSI's Loss Prevention Department demonstrates one of the benefits counties derive from pooling their resources. Few, if any, member counties would individually be able to afford the depth and breadth of loss prevention and safety expertise offered by CTSI's team of engineers, trainers and problem solvers.
Risk management has evolved into a discipline that relies more on minimizing and controlling risks and losses and less on simply paying for claims as they occur. This is particularly true for governmental entities that have constantly changing and expanding exposures.
Part of CTSI's mission is to keep member counties informed about new regulations issued by state and federal regulatory agencies. CTSI also keeps members up-to-date on innovative and effective management practices used in the public and private sector to reduce risks and cut losses.
A Loss Prevention Specialist is assigned to each county, to help counties manage risk and provide training and risk management consultation. In addition, CTSI's Human Resource Specialist is available to aid counties in personnel management. Loss Prevention has been the cornerstone for the success of the county-owned pools. Feel free to explore the sites listed below for technical updates, loss prevention classes and the film and reference library.
CTSI unbundled services in 1997, allowing counties that aren't members of CAPP or CWCP to access CTSI's expertise on a fee-for-service basis. For more information, contact a CTSI Loss Prevention Specialist.