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Technical Update vol. 26 no. 1 - Required Workplace Notices

January 4, 2022

Like all other employers, local governments are required to post certain notices for their employees. The State of Colorado and the U.S. Department of Labor usually post a list of notices required and often have sample notices that can be downloaded for free. The new year and recent increase in the minimum wage mean that some posters will need to be replaced with updated versions.

State of Colorado

The State of Colorado posts a list of required federal or state law posters at: Required posters include Colorado Minimum Wage Order Number 35, Colorado Anti-Discrimination, Colorado Employment Security Act, Healthy Families & Workplaces Act and Public Health Emergency Whistleblower Law, etc.

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For additional information, you can visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Laws, Regulations, and Guidance page This site includes documents covering laws and regulations, complaint forms, employment eligibility forms, fact sheets, resources guides, and posters. There is also a section containing forms in Spanish. The following documents are an example of the site’s contents: Colorado Minimum Wage Order Number 35 Fact Sheet, the Employment Verification Law, General Employment Laws Fact Sheet, and Colorado Notice of Paydays Poster.

Some state posters do not specify that their content does not all apply to local governments. This varies, so for additional information on the applicable definitions, consult your HR representative or your county attorney.

Federal Posters

Federal lists and samples can be found at: Federal posters at this site include workplace posters such as the federal minimum wage (less than Colorado’s), workplace posters of special interest to special contractors, and a list of applicable laws and regulations. To help you determine what federal notices you need, you may use the elaws Poster Advisor at

What This Means to Counties

Failure to post as required is a violation of Colorado and Federal laws and can result in fines and penalties. Generally, you can assume that a poster should be posted in the lunchroom, general meeting rooms, or places where all employees can view it, for each physical location or building in which county employees or contractors report. It is an easy violation for an auditor to check, so do not overlook this important requirement. For more information, contact CTSI at 303 861 0507.

A PDF of this Technical Update is available here.

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