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Technical Update vol. 26 no. 25 - Who’s Who at CTSI

June 22, 2022

CTSI recently welcomed a new member to our Loss Control Team. Dana Foley joined the CTSI Loss Control team this month as a Senior Loss Control Specialist. Dana comes to CTSI from American Family Insurance and has over two decades of experience in safety, loss control, and risk management. Dana has extensive presentation and training experience and has been an accredited College Emergency Medical Service Instructor and a Lead Instructor for Health Care Provider BLS certification for the American Heart Association. Dana holds OSHA and the Department of Transportation certifications and is an NFPA Board Certified Fire Protection Specialist. Dana will be joining Jon Wagner and Marylin Wagner in providing in-person training, risk management, and loss control for Colorado counties.

Who to Call for What

At CTSI we pride ourselves on our customer service and being available in person to meet the needs of our membership. Below is a list of who to contact in each department.

What This Means for Counties

At CTSI help is only a phone call away. Please use our main number 303 861 0507 to be connected to the person and department you are trying to reach.

A PDF of this Technical Update is available here.

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