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Technical Update vol. 26 no. 30 - Adding Buildings to CAPP Coverage and Builder’s Risk Insurance

July 26, 2022

When a CTSI member county acquires a new building, it must be reported immediately to CTSI so that we can add it to your county’s list of properties. The building add form is available at or by contacting Brenda Hostetler at

Failure to report new buildings can compromise your insurance coverage. If a building is not on the CTSI county property list and damage occurs, you may not be entitled to the full amount of coverage CAPP provides. There is no charge for adding buildings under $5 million mid-term, nor is there any credit for deleting buildings mid-term.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance is property insurance that provides coverage on buildings or structures while they are under construction. It may also cover foundations, fixtures, machinery and equipment used to service the building, and the materials and supplies used in the course of construction.

A top-down aerial view of a building under construction.

CAPP member counties have $5 million in builder’s risk coverage for renovations and/or repairs made by the Insured at any location (including new locations with a total contract cost under $5 million). If the project is more than $5 million, the pool’s broker can assist with securing the additional coverage needed.

Many times, the contractor will provide the builder’s risk coverage. However, the county is responsible for the insurance if the contractor does not provide coverage. Either way, you need to provide CTSI with that information using the CAPP Builder’s Risk Form. The form is available at or by contacting

What this Means to Counties

When your county breaks ground on the construction of a new facility or acquires a facility, you need to remember a couple of things.

  1. Make sure builder’s risk insurance is in place.
  2. Notify CTSI so that we can add the information to your Colorado Counties Casualty and Property Pool insurance information.

For more information about adding coverage for a new building, contact CTSI at 303-861-0507.

A PDF of this Technical Update is available here.

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