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Technical Update vol. 26 no. 6 - Filing a Claim with CWCP and CAPP

February 8, 2022

The County Worker’s Compensation Pool (CWCP) and the Casualty and Property Pool (CAPP) contract with CTSI for claims administration services. CTSI employs claims adjusters to investigate and handle all claims submitted to CWCP and CAPP. All claims should be reported promptly, and claims of a serious nature are to be reported by phone immediately. Claim forms are available at, or you may contact a CWCP or CAPP staff member to request a form.

General Considerations

Under no circumstances should any county representative admit or deny liability on a claim. CTSI claims adjusters are responsible for admitting or denying liability of a claim and making claim payments. CTSI claim representatives will handle your claims so the county can avoid any potential political ramifications or misinformation in adjudicating a claim.

Keeping Track of Claims

All claims are assigned claim numbers. Use this number in correspondence or when inquiring about the claim. The claim number is included in the monthly loss report. Include division and department (cost center codes) codes on all claim forms. Set up a claim file and keep all claims information together for future use and reference. Claims that have a date of loss or occurrence before the county became a member of the relevant pool should be reported to the county’s previous insurance carrier.

Filing a CWCP Claim

To file a CWCP claim, visit and complete the Employer’s First Report of Injury Form, which can be downloaded on that page. Carefully complete the form and email it to

Filing a CAPP Claim

There are three types of CAPP claim forms. Each form reports a specific loss - property, automobile, or general. Forms can be downloaded at

  • The Property Loss Notice is used when reporting claims on your county property in excess of $1,500, except for motor vehicles. Attach receipts, estimates, or other notes to the claim form when it is submitted
  • The Automobile Loss Notice is used when reporting all motor vehicle accidents.
  • The General Liability Loss Notice is used when reporting all cases involving liability claims (other than an automobile) presented from the public.

Please download and complete the appropriate form, then email it to

What This Means for Counties

Having to file a CWCP or CAPP claim is never pleasant. Still, prompt and accurate filing gives CTSI claims adjusters more time to investigate fully before admitting or denying liability. CTSI has worked to simplify claim filing by creating easily accessible, fillable claim forms. Forms and supporting documents may be returned via email or faxed to 303 861 1022. For more information on how to file a claim, contact CWCP or CAPP staff at 303 861 0507.

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