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Who to Call List

June 9, 2022
CTSI Claims Services
Claims Main Numbers
Phone (303) 861-0507
Phone (800) 544-7868After Hours Emergency Phone (303) 861-0507
CWCP Dial 2, CAPP Dial 3
Fax (303) 861-1022
Email-see below
Workers’ Compensation Claims
Kurt Muehler, WC Claims Manager
Staci Metter, WC Senior Claims Examiner
Lisa Stoner, WC Claims Examiner
Cindi Johnson, WC Claims Technician
Send claims to:
Property and Liability Claims
Enid Cordova, P & L Manager
Dylan Patterson, P & L Senior Claims Examiner
Jamie Heyl, P & L Senior Claims Examiner
Josie Brodie, P & L Claims Technician
Send claims to
Insurance policies, summaries, forms
Claim forms and information
Sample policies and procedures 
CTSI Administrative Services
CTSI Main Numbers
Phone (303) 861-0507
Fax (303) 861-2832
Email: First Initial and Last
Administrative and Pool Coverage Inquiries
Meredith Burcham, CTSI Executive Director
CAPP - Colorado Counties Casualty & Property Pool
CWCP - County Workers' Compensation Pool
Rhonda Curran, Manager of Risk Programs
Brenda Hostetler, Sr. Risk Management Analyst
CHP - County Health Pool
Marissa Gaertner, CHP Benefits Manager
Betty Apt, Benefits Administrator
Loss Prevention
Marylin Wagner, Loss Control Team Lead
Dana Foley, Senior Loss Control Specialist
Siri Vensel, Senior Human Resources Specialist
Other CTSI Services
Jennifer Keller, Finance Director
Dennis Hunt, Manager-County Administration & Grant Services
Juliann Hargrave, Executive Assistant
Frank Sutton, Manager-Information Systems
Norma Garcia, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

News & Updates

Technical Update vol. 27 no. 38 - CDL Regulations

In the 2023 regular session, Gov. Jared Polis took action on two bills that impact the CDL regulations within our counties. The Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a special license […]

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September 2023: Prevention Care and Wellness
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Technical Update vol. 27 no. 37 - Safety Committee Functions

While overall safety committee objectives are generally the same from one county to another, safety committee functions can vary greatly from one county to another. Some committees are given or […]

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Technical Update vol. 27 no. 36 - Controlling Claim Costs: Why Does it Matter?

Your insurance contributions for the Colorado Counties Casualty Pool (CAPP) and the County Workers Compensation Pool (CWCP) are based on your county’s exposure and a loss-sensitive component. WHAT IS MEANT […]

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Technical Update vol. 27 no. 35 - CAPP is for County Operations

The Colorado Counties Casualty & Property Pool (CAPP) protects the assets of counties throughout Colorado through broad coverage, risk management, and sound fiscal management. CAPP was formed in July 1986, […]

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