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The Health Awareness newsletter is a monthly periodical benefiting County Health Pool members.  It contains current information on a variety of health and nutritional topics designed to steer employees towards proper treatment of their health before the onset of a serious illness.  The Health Awareness newsletter also has interesting monthly features like tasty nutritional recipes and word puzzles. Please click on a year below to view the Health Awareness from that year. Health Awareness is available online in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat on your computer, please download the free reader to open these documents

Current Health Awareness Posts

General Public Available

February 2024: The Beat Goes On: American Heart Month2024

Archive Posts

Available to Members only

CTSI 2023 Salary Survey Documents2022
2019 CTSI Annual Report2020
January 2024: Healthy Counties, Renewed Commitments: 2024 Membership Renewal2024
December 2023: Stay Healthy During the Holidays2023
November 2023: American Diabetes Month2023
October 2023: Audiology Awareness Month2023
September 2023: Prevention Care and Wellness2023
August 2023: Immunized vs. Vaccinated - What's the Difference?2023
July 2023: UV Safety Awareness Month2023
June 2023: Men's Health Month2023
May 2023: Mental Health Awareness2023
April 2023: Healthy Eating 101: What to Eat and Why2023
February 2023: Job Stress, a Mental Health Concern2023
January 2023: Prevent the Common Cold2023
November 2022: COPD2022
September 2022: Flu Shots2022
October 2022: Breast Cancer Awareness2022
August 2022: Sun Safety2022
July 2022: Heat-related Illnesses2022
June 2022: Men's Health Month2022
March: Make Handwashing a Habit2022
April 2022: Parkinson’s Disease2022
March 2022: Kidney Disease2022
February 2022: Heart Health2022
January 2022: Make Exercise a Habit2022
December: Handwashing Awareness2021
November: Diabetes2021
October: Flu Shots2021
September: Long COVID-192021
August: Skin Cancer2021
July: Healthy Vision Month2021
June: Sleep Apnea2021
May: COVID-19 Related Stress2021
April: Alcohol Awareness2021
March: The Importance of Sleep2021
February: Heart Health2021
January: Glaucoma2021
December: Keeping Your New Year's Resolution2021
November: Work-From-Home-Stress and COVID-192020
September: Flu Shots2020
October: COVID-19 or the Flu2020
August: Asthma2020
July: Food Allergies2020
June: The Benefits of Vitamin D2020
May: Coping with Stress2020
April: Coronavirus COVID-192020
March: Make Hand Washing a Habit2020
February: Heart Disease Awareness Month2020
January: Glaucoma Awareness Month2020
December: Stay Healthy During the Holidays2019
November: Flu Season2019
October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month2019
September: Stress-related Illnesses2019
August: Heat-related Illnesses2019
July: Skin Cancer2019
June: Alzheimer’s Disease2019
May: Arthritis Awareness Month2019
April: World Immunization Week2019
March: Colorectal Cancer2019
Feburary: Heart Health 2019
January: Quit Smoking2019
December: Flu Season2018
November: COPD2018
October: Breast Cancer2018
September: Healthy Aging2018
August: Mental Illness2018
July: High Cholesterol2018
June: PTSD2018
May: Stoke Awareness Month2018
April: National Drug Take-Back Day2018
March: National Sleep Awareness2018
February: National Heart Health Month2018
January: Radon Action Month2018
October - Dental Hygiene Awareness Month2017
September - Alzheimer's Awareness Month2017
August - Immunization Awareness Month 2017
July - Heat-related Illnesses2017
June - Tick Season is Here2017
May - Arthritis Awareness Month 2017
April - Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month2017
March - National Colorectal Cancer Month2017
February – Random Acts of Kindness Week February 12-182017
January – Quitting Smoking2017
December - Safe Toys and Gifts Month2016
November - Alzheimer's Awareness Month2016
October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month2016
September - Self-Improvement Month2016
August - Immunization Awareness Month2016
July - Eat This Plus That!2016
June - Hidden Sugar in Your Food2016
May - Hand Hygiene2016
April - Alcohol Awareness Month2016
March - Save your Vision Month2016
February - Heart Month2016
January - Thyroid Awareness Month2016
October - Breast Cancer Awareness2015
September - Fruits and Veggies-More Matters2015
August - National Immunization Month2015
July - UV Safety Month2015
June - Men's Health Month2015
May - Allergies and Asthma2015
April - Health Benefits from Dark Chocolate2015
March - Nutrition Awareness2015
February - Heart Disease Awareness2015
January - Thyroid Awareness Month2015
December - Influenza Season2014
November - CHP Annual Board Membership Renewal Meeting2014
October - CHP Annual Board Membership Renewal Meeting2014
September - Childhood Obesity Awareness2014
August - National Immunization Month2014
July - UV Awareness Month2014
June - Mens Health Month2014
May - CDL Questions and Certified Medical Examiners2014
April - Arthritis Awareness2014
March - National Kidney Health Awareness2014
February - Cervical Cancer Awareness2014
January - Heart Health Awareness2014
December - Healthy Holiday Fitness Program2013
November - CHP Annual Board and Membership Renewal Meeting2013
October - Breast Cancer Health Awareness2013
September - Do you have High Cholesterol?2013
August - Immunizations, Will You Need Them2013
July - Do You Really Need More Vitamin D?2013
June - 2013 Melanoma/Skin Cancer Prevention2013
May - 2013 Allergy Awareness2013
April - 2013 Severe Vision Loss - Macular Degeneration2013
March - 2013 Sleep Awareness2013
February - 2013 Facts and Fiction About Fat2013
January - 2013 How to Make a Resolution and Keep It?2013
December - 2012 - 5 Ways to Stay Healthy For the Holidays2012
November - 2012 - Healthy Membership Renewal2012
October - 2012 - National Primary Care Week2012
September - 2012 - Asthma 1012012
August - 2012 - Clearing The Healthy-Eating Hurdle2012
July - 2012 - Heat Related Illness - The Basics2012
June - 2012 - Mens Health week2012
May - 2012 - What is the #2 New Year’s Resolution?2012
April - 2012 - Glycemic Index and Low GI Foods2012
March - 2012 - National Kidney Month2012
February - 2012 - Love your Heart This February2012
January - 2012 - Thyroid Awareness Month2012
December - 2011 - Clean Hands Healthy Body2011
November - 2011 - Diabetes Awareness2011
October - 2011 - Facts About Breast Cancer2011
September - 2011 - Cholesterol and You2011
August - 2011 - Enjoy Your Food, Eat Healthy2011
July - 2011 - Sun Safety: Save Your Skin2011
June - 2011 - Fireworks Safety - Avoiding the Dangers2011
May - 2011 - Arthritis Awareness - The Basics2011
April - 2011 - Understanding Alcohol Abuse - The Basics2011
March - 2011 - Vision - Understanding the Basics2011
February - 2011 - Better Heart Health2011
January - 2011 - New Year, New You - Setting Realistic Goals For Your Health2011
December - 2010: Tis The Season, Healthy Begins Here2010
November - 2010: County Health Pool Renewal Meeting2010
October - 2010: Dental Hygiene2010
September - 2010: Ovarian Cancer Awareness2010
August - 2010: Immunization Awareness2010
July - 2010: Eye Safety - The Basics2010
June - 2010: Practice Safe Sun2010
May - 2010: Asthma and Allergy Awareness2010
April - 2010: To Drink or Not to Drink - Risks and Benefits of Alcohol Intake2010
March - 2010: Eat Right for Good Health2010
February - 2010: Heart Health - The Basics2010
January - 2010: Thyroid Problems - The Basics2010
December - CHP Renewal - Good Health To You2009
November - Lung Cancer Awareness2009
October - Breast Cancer Awareness2009
September - Whole Grains 1012009
August - Children's Eye Safety and Health2009
July - Water Wisdom2009
June - Practice Safe sun2009
May - Depression - A Complex Disease2009
April - Cancer - Just The Facts2009
March - 2009: Diabetes and Diet, the Myths2009
February - 2009: Sleep Apnea2009
January - 2009: Ear Infections and the Common Cold2009
December - 2008: Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays2008
November - 2008: Managing Stress2008
October - 2008: Alzheimer's and Memory Loss2008
September - 2008: Fruit and Vegetable Benefits2008
August - 2008: Cataracts and Your Eyes2008
July - 2008: Heat Stroke/Hyperthermia - Too Much. . .Not Safe2008
June - 2008: Getting Too Much Sun Can Be Dangerous2008
May - 2008: Coping With Allergies2008
April - 2008: Child Safety and Preventing Injury2008
March - 2008: Common Myths About Sleep Dispelled2008
February - 2008: Wise Health for the New Year2008
January - 2008: Cleansing Diets - Flusing Out the Myths2008
December - Handwashing - Basics to Better Health2007
November - Lung Cancer Awareness2007
October - Maintain Good Dental Hygiene2007
September - Fruits and Veggies, More Is Better2007
August - Wellness Options for a Healthy Lifestyle2007
July - Summer Of Exposure2007
June - Trans Fats, The Plain Truth2007
May - 2007: Hypertension - Decrease Your Risk by Education2007
April - 2007: Fitness, You Can Spring Into2007
March - 2007: Questions About Diabetes, Answers That Help2007
February - 2007: American Heart Month2007
January - 2007: Healthy Weight Year2007

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